4 ‘All-Time’ Best Boxing Games You Should Not Miss In 2020

After the list of 10 best Xbox One games for Kids, many people ask us for the best boxing games to play in this lockdown period.

Do you love playing video games? And you also love boxing? Then great. You have reached the best place because here we have reviewed some of the best boxing games.

Many years ago, games were all about arcade and puzzle then come Street Fighter series that totally changed the gaming industry. Who can forget those golden days when our Ken knocks out his competitors with his fireballs? His moves is still immensely popular among both young and grownup generation.

Then comes the boxing games that were as good as real boxing. Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo changed the way we used to play games. And with the introduction of motion sensors, high-quality graphic, we got some of the best additive boxing games which provide the best gameplay.

We decided to find the best boxing games to share with our visitors and ask their feedback on them. And for that reason, we browse many forums to get users’ opinion, read game testing reports, and play games for many hours to come up with the best list.

The best part is, even for the real boxers these game provide a virtual platform to learn new skills and strategies – And they even don’t need to wear their boxing gloves.

We initially created a list of 10 boxing games, but after reading different reviews, we shorten our list to only four best ones.

Without further ado, here are the top four boxing games.

#4 – UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

EA Sports launched Undisputed 3 after the UFC Undisputed that was released in 2010. With the amazing gameplay, graphics, and moves, this game also received great love from UFC lovers just like its predecessor.

This version introduced the PRIDE mode that gains the attention of many gamers. In this mode, you can compete in the PRIDE environment. This game uses Japanese MMA rules and it has some of the famous announcers and a lot more.

Here is a list of what we love in this game:

  • Undisputed 3 has a long-list with over 150 fighters. You can choose fighters from any different category such as Bantamweight and Featherweight.
  • This game used motion sensors to fine-tune movements and make them look realistic
  • Controls are slightly better than previous games. Although these are not noticeable in the first move, as you play you love smoother gameplay, the accuracy of punches, and high-quality graphics.
  • This game introduced a Stamina system. This inclusion gives a realistic feel to the game – because stamina reduces with every cut, and in-between round rest is required to regain stamina.

#3 – Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3

The Fight Night Round series is the all-time favourite among boxing games lovers.

This version got lots of improvement from Round 2. It has instructed new punches and I absolutely love smashing Super Punch that puts ripples on the competitor’s face. This game has many other impact punches that would satisfy boxing game fanatics.

Here is the list of features what we like in this game.

  • This game has a ‘CAREER’ mode in which you will play small fights and train your boxer before fighting in the big sponsor matches.
  • This game has 27 boxers – Considering this game was released more than a decade ago so this is a good number.
  • You can choose a fighting style and trained it to match with the ones that renowned players have – interesting isn’t it?
  • Even after more than a decade, many players love playing it which is pretty impressive.

#2 – EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2

This game is the latest in our list. This game based on UFC type fighting and was first released in 2016. The gameplay created in such a manner to match the style and feel of real UFC matches.

This game got a huge list of 250 fighters including female boxers as well. Along with normal fighting mode in the ring, there are many other modes such as team mode, career mode, practice mode, etc.

Here is the video you can check out to see how realistic this game looks…

This game also includes a knockout mode in which you can fight and win only through knocking out your opponent. This game started slowly but gained a reputation as one of the best boxing games of all-time.

Here is a list of features we like in this game.

  • Along with great graphics, UFC 2 comes with an excellent list of fighters including the legendary ones which makes this game fun and interesting.
  • The ‘knockout system’ is very accurate and smooth. Every punch, move and block looks real. It is a treat to watch how punches delivered in fine detail.
  • In this game, you can control every aspect of your boxer, even the head and shoulders. This will help in dodging the punch, blocking, and shielding.

This game is one-of-the favourite games among the fans of UFC.

#1 – Fight Night Round 4:

Fight Night Round 4

And the winner is Fight Night Round 4.

Besides giving realistic feeling, this game allows gamers to control every calculated move to prove themselves inside the ring in Fight Night Round 4. All games in the Fight Night series have a good reputation, and this game also doesn’t disappoint gamers and critics as well.

This game is available in Play Station 3, Xbox, and Windows Mobile.

This game released in 2009, and even after more than a decade, gamers are talking about it and many also many agree no boxing game comes even close to FNR 4 in terms of graphics, gameplay, and control movements.

You can check out this video to see this awesome game…

Here is the list of features we like in this game. (Get ready, this list is big.)

  • The most outstanding feature of this game is its true-to-life gameplay. Every punch, movement, block, impact provide true-the-life feeling (without pain, of course).
  • This game supports both single and multiplayer modes
  • This game is not overall violet which is great for kids who love boxing.
  • Round 4 includes some of the legendary boxers like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. Along with that, an additional pack of 25 licensed boxers is available for download.
  • This game features real boxers along with their real boxing style.
  • This game included ‘Legacy’ mode in which players will take part in different mini-game to fine-tune their techniques and strategies. You can fight with other players with the multiplayer mode. You can choose matches and fighters – all this will continue improving skills and increasing the rank.
  • In real-life boxing, both short boxers and tall boxers have their advantages. Even these fine characteristics are taken care in this game. You can choose your player, and also the type of opponent you want to fight.
  • This game also includes good downloadable content that includes new accessories, new gears, gym training, boxer packs, etc. to make gameplay fun and interesting.

If you are a boxing fan or not, you will find this game very interesting and addictive, especially Legacy mode.

Final Few Words:

Many games are created especially for boxing and MMA lovers. Every developer tries to provide a true-life feeling in their games.

Does matter whatever your style of fighting is, if you want to give rest to your eyes from PC gun shooting games then these four games mentioned above is what you need to experience real boxing without feeling the pain and enjoy knocking out your opponents.

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