Some Best PC Games You Should Not Miss In 2020

Some PC games are so addictive that they can hook you to your seat for hours, days, and even weeks. PC games are not only getting bigger and difficult, but their stunning graphics can give you a realistic feeling.

Many PC games are using excellent graphics provided by Unity 3D and Unreal game engine.

PC games are not limited to one genre, if you are not into MMO, then you can play open-world games, boxing games, or racing games as well.

As there is a huge list of popular PC games, I have round up my favorites, that I feel any gamer should not miss.

Let’s jump right into them.

1. Resident Evil 3 – Best Horror PC Game Of 2020

Resident Evil 3

The ever-popular Resident Evil series recently launch into PC and it quickly becomes one of my favorite games. This game came just one year after his previous version and make a huge name of itself.

Resident Evil is a pure master class when it comes to horror games. It has improved graphics, smooth gameplay, and a powerful storyline that runs in Racoon City.

You will get into zombie-filled streets of Racoon City where you can dodge and solve puzzles to unlock new areas. You will have the ability to switch characters to solve the puzzle and keep story moving forward.

If you like horror games, then Resident Evil is something you can’t miss. Get this new version of Resident Evil but make sure you switch off your lights.

2. Forza Horizon 4 – Best Racing PC Game Of 2020

Forza Horizon 4

It seems that Microsoft is working very hard and in the right direction on this Forza series. With every version, you can expect new cars, new tracks, and above all stunning graphics. Microsoft takes this racing game to the next level by adding a little dash of the arcade into it.

If you loving racing games, then Forza Horizon 4 is something you should not miss out. This game will take you to the UK, where you can enjoy racing in beautiful villages, seaside and more in Edinburgh city.

You can buy this game from Microsoft Store, or this game is also available as a part of the Xbox pass for PC, which means you buy the Xbox version and get PC download code using Xbox Anywhere Feature.

3. Monster Hunter World – Best Co-Op PC Game Of 2020

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is a very hit series in console gaming. Fortunately, Capcom broke the mainstream and decided to jump into PC gaming with this version of Monster Hunter. Now you can play Monster Hunter World on your PC.

Monster Hunter World will put you in the shoes of a monster hunter, and your task is to defeat bigger monsters and cut them through to craft new weapons and update your armor.

This game contains many monsters that can make game interesting and Capcom is bringing new downloadable content and also a completely new area called Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

If you are looking for a fun, interesting, and addictive game to play with your friends then Monster Hunter World is the best Co-Op PC game of 2020.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Best Open-World PC Game Of 2020

The Witcher 3 game

The Witcher 3 was released many years ago, but still it is one of the best open-world games of 2020 that you can play on your computer. This game combines Skyim’s unapologetic scale along with GTA V’s depth to present one of the brilliant gameplay.

This game is one of the best games you can play, and this is why this game is often rated as the best open-world game, even some rank it above the GTA series.

This game is available on Amazon, so make sure you get your hands on this game before the supply ends.

5. Control: Best Action-Adventure PC Game Of 2020

Control PC Game

When Remedy Entertainment released the game ‘Control’, it became popular in a very short amount of time. This is due to the eye-popping graphics, powerful storyline, brilliant performance, and above all, a great combat experience.

The Control lets you play as a Jesse Faden whose task is to find Oldest Building in The New York City that’s appear to only those who have a strong desire to find it, and free her missing brother while overcoming hurdles created by supernatural entities.

Truly speaking, there is nothing like this game in the market. And those who played it will definitely agree with me. What do you say? Do let us know in the comment box below.

6. Fortnite Battle Royale – Best Strategy PC Game Of 2020

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is probably the biggest PC game right now, so it’s natural to put Fortnite Battle Royale among the list of best PC games. If you like super-competitive games, then this game is for you. Players keep coming back to this game because of its amazing graphics and most importantly, the developer, EPIC, provides regular updates to this game.

Just to clear you guys, Fortnite Battle Royale is not a separate game or version, it is a mode of Fortnite that becomes so popular that people start considering it as a separate game.

Just like any other Battle Royale game, in the Fortnite Battle Royale, you will land into an ever-shrinking map and you have to fight and survive till the last to win the battle. Although it might sound simple enough, there’s a lot more that makes this game interesting and addictive.

7. Real Boxing™ — Best PC Boxing Game

Real Boxing

If you want to experience no hold barrel boxing game then Real Boxing™ is for you. This game contains amazing graphics as it is built on powerful Unreal engine so you can feel every cut, uppercut, and hook.

This game offers ‘Career’ mode in which you can train your player and achieve glory with him. You can either play with the computer or with your friend through the multiplayer option.

Doesn’t matter if you want to play it with your keyboard or a controller, Real Boxing™ plays just great as it looks.

If you like boxing games, you should check out our top 5 boxing games.

Final Few Words:

So that was all from this article, I hope you have enjoyed finding my list of best games. You may agree with them or not, but one thing is clear is these are the best PC games that you can play in 2020.

So what you say about my list? Please let me know in the comment box below.

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