Make Your Own Game: Best Game Engines For Beginners

If you want to become a game tester and want to strengthen your CV for a game testing job, then you have to make your own game. No, I am not talking about next GTA or NK19 type games, I am talking about simple 2D and 3D type games that you can build in minutes.

Yes! You read it right, in minutes!

So how to create these computer games? Yes, now you understand correctly. There are many solutions available in the market that can help users to make their own game even if they don’t know anything about coding. (Anyways, learning C++ is a huge plus in gaming industry)

So, have a look at some of these solutions that you can use to make your own games and launch them on the internet within a few minutes.

How Should You Select The Best Game Engine?

Game Engine is the computer software or program that you have to download and install in your computer. Most Game Engines offer four main features, these are:

Game Templates: These game templates are complete games in which you can make little changes like colour of the sky, adding your artwork, etc. and brand them as your own game.

Drag and Drop Builder: These drag-n-drop builders are very helpful because you can add anything in the game from a huge list provided by the game engines. For example, you can add houses, walls, fences, etc. to stop your game character from falling.

Visual Scripting: This feature allows you to make changes in your game that will replicate the code without any need of writing codes yourself. This is more powerful than a drag-n-drop builder. And this is one of the best for beginners to learn how coding works.

Coding: Some game engine offers an ability to writing codes using a programming language. This feature used to have more control in your game. Many beginners who has interested in coding can learn much from it. Some game engines have their own programming language, while others rely on popular programming languages such as C++.

So Which Game Engine You Should Choose?

Since the main objective of this article is to help a beginner to make his own games, for this reason, I have listed down game engines in order of ease of using their features, and support. I have also created a separate list for 2D and 3D game engines.

Let’s start with 2D game engines first:

GameSalad – Voted The Easiest Game Engine

GameSalad Engine

GameSalad offers the easiest drag-n-drop builder that can help you to make your own 2D games using already provided ‘objects’. GameSalad is the software many teachers using in their classroom to teach students to learn how to make their own game. Yes, GameSalad has very limited features, but it is great for someone who is just starting out.

Watch this video to see how you can use GameSalad to make your own game in just 15 minutes.




Easy To Use

Limited Features

Drag and Drop Builder

Subscription Model ($25/Month)

Active Community

No page for upcoming updates

Make a game for multiple platforms

Quick Support


Clickteam Fusion 2.5 – The Oldest Game Engine:

Clickteam Fusion 2.5


Recently, users have used this game engine to develop some popular games. The best things is, this game engine is around since 1994, which means this is the oldest game engine that has an active community, and there are many tutorials and documents on their forum. This game engine uses Visual Editor in which you don’t need to learn to code but you need to spend some time with this engine to learn how each feature works.

Check out this video to see how to launch your game in under 20 minutes with this game engine.




Visual Editor and Drag and Drop Builder

Windows Version Only

Many additional extensions

Not frequently updated

Active Community

Have to pay to export game in iOS, Andriod, and Mac.

Exports to all platform

Old interface

Free Trial Version Available


Buildbox – The Box That Contains Everything You Need


Buildbox is slowly becoming one of the best game engines because recently individuals have used this game engine to make popular games which are among Top 100 games in App Store. The main objective of this game engine is to provide ready-to-use templates so that you can launch your game in a few minutes. However, this limits your ability to create your original game. Fortunately, you can increase customizations using advanced features provided in this software.

Here’s the video that shows how to make your game in 25 minutes with this software.




Drag And Drop Interface

Templates don’t let you create own game

Ready-to-Use Game Templates

Expensive monthly fees ($84 / month when paid yearly)

Export To All Platform

Good Monetization Options


Not let’s jump into 3D game engine:

GameGuru – The Easiest 3D Game Engine:


The easiest game engine to make 3D games is, GameGuru. This game engine comes with 20 game templates that you can use to make and launch your game within a few minutes. You can use these game templates to make your own map or do some changes with the sliders.

See the video to launch your video in under 8 minutes



20 great game templates

Limited features

Support multiplayer option

Dated interface

Has marketplace

Only Windows software

Export to multiple platforms



Unity 3D – For Serious Game Developers

Unity 3D

If you seriously want to impress employers with the game creation skills you have to make at least one game on Unity 3D. This software offers an opportunity to make and export game on any platform. It is said that there are more than 5 million developers who use this software monthly to make some very popular kids games. Although this software offers very powerful features for advance coders, a beginner can also take advantage of its visual scripting feature.

Here’s how to make your game in Unity 3D.

Pro Tip: You can also find many courses on making a game with Unity 3D inside Udemy.



You can use it for free until you make $100K with your games

Not the best for 2D games

Contains tons of assets

Little overwhelming for beginners

Huge list of platforms where you can export your games

Need plugin (paid) to avoid scripting

Best way to learn C# programming language

Active community and good tutorials

Indie developers love it


Unreal Engine – For The Best Graphics:

Unreal Engine

This is another very popular game engine. Some top games such as Final Fantasy VII remake was made through this game engine, so you may get the idea the level of graphics, lighting work, etc. this game engine can provide.

Although, you will need a dedicated team of developers to make these big boxing games, but you can use its ‘Blueprint’ feature to make your own game without any coding knowledge.

Pro Tip: Udemy has courses on Unreal as well.



Blueprint Solution for Beginners

Need a computer with strong specification to run this software

Outstanding graphics

Not many extensions in Marketplace

Free to use game engine until your games make profit

Even harder than Unity Engine

Good tutorials on YouTube

Allows export to multiple platform and consoles


Final Verdict:

Everyday new game engines are popping up in the market and they all claiming to help you develop the next hit game within a few minutes.

However, if you seriously want to get into the gaming industry then you should consider gaining experience on Unity and Unreal engine. These two softwares are biggie in the gaming industry as many top PC games build on these softwares. Sure, you may take some time to master these softwares but once you do it, you will have more control over your games.

So, make sure you let us know which game engine you will use in the comment box below. Let’s discuss and grow together!

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