What Are Some Popular Programming Languages For Game Developers?

The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is one of the industries that remain unaffected in this pandemic, where every country’s economy is going down. People are losing job but this gaming industry is growing with no sign of slowing down.

Technology is changing quickly and its accessibility as well. We are living in an era where imagination is not limited by what a processor can do. Imagine it, and you will able to make it.

But still, you need the right tool and knowledge to make things happen. In this article, we list down some of the best programming languages that you can use to improve your knowledge and learn how to make games using these programming languages.

The programming languages listed below are sorted out according to their popularity in the gaming industry. So there is good support available online for these programming languages.

Without further ado, take a look on these programming languages.


C# programming language

C-Sharp (C#) is a very popular programming language that has many resources and tools available online.

Several factors make C# as one of the best programming languages.

First one is the XNA platform (from Microsoft) which makes it easy for a game developer to make games on Windows and Xbox.

Second is, many game engines have the feature to use C# to make games on their platform. In fact, C# can be used to make games on any platform such as Windows, Andriod, PlayStation, iOS, etc.

Truly speaking, C# opens the door for people to make a game that doesn’t matter whatever software or hardware they are using.


C++ programming language

C++ is an extension of C programming language. Whenever it comes to game development, C++ always listed among the best programming languages. When used efficiently, C++ has a very fast and smooth running time which is both necessary when it comes to making the best PC games.

C++ combines C programing language with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to increase its capabilities. However, beginners can find it difficult to learn.

C++ is relatively difficult than other programming languages, but huge online and offline courses are available to help beginners to learn it. Additionally, C++ is a programming language that developers use in making PlayStation and Xbox One games.

This programming language offers users to have great control over hardware, memory management, and graphics which makes it a perfect language for making games. Learning C++ can boost your chances of getting a game tester job.


Python programming language

Python is another programming language that is gaining popularity very quickly. It is one of the powerful programming languages that work behind big eCommerce sites and also use for game development.

Python runs on OOP principles like C++, and it has a highly adaptable programming language that is used in many software and games.

Python offers a Pygame framework that offers the ability to easily and quickly prototype any game. Python is relatively easy than C programming language and its community and demand growing at a rapid pace. So in 2020, you should not miss the opportunity to learn this language and try to make a small game with it.


HTML 5 programming language

The classical HTML has come a long way since it was first released, and now its HTML 5 version is very popular in 2020. HTML 5 works along with the Javascript to make online games.

Many games you play on big gaming sites like Miniclip.com runs on HTML 5. Although HTML 5 is very limited language, but a good number of sites are using it to make addictive games.

This language is easy to learn, but it is difficult to master it. You can use HTML 5 along with Javascript to make games or make changes on different websites. HTML 5 is a great platform for users to start learning programming language because of its easiness and extensive online community.


JavaScript programming language

JavaScript is the programming language that has both lovers and haters because it is one of the popular programming languages for making online games. With popularity, it comes love and hate from its users. Javascript works well with HTML and CSS to make online games.

Javascript can use as a Frontend or Backend programming language in web development. And above all, it has a great community where you can get help and solve your problems.

You can find many online courses on Javascript, and it has a strong presence on GitHub. According to some, this is the easiest programming language, and developers use it for coding in the Unity 3D engine.


Java programming language

Java has a strong presence over the internet and people use in different platforms. Java uses OOP methodologies, and it is a lot similar to C++, so you can learn both language side by side.

The virtual machine translates Java codes into bytecodes which can run on any platform. This feature makes this programming language very popular among game developers.

Two popular engines, JMonkeyEngine and LibGDX for 2D and 3D games use Java extensively.


Swift programming language

If you want to make Apple apps then Swift is the language that you should learn. This language is fast, easy, and multipurpose.

Swift use in apps for iOS and Mac devices, which turn off some people.

However, if you are a Mac and iOS fan, then Swift is the language that you should learn.

Apple has strong support for this programming language, and its tutorials are growing at rapid speed.

Final Few Words:

There is no best programming language when it comes to game development.

However, if you are a complete beginner then here is a list from easiest to difficult language:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • C++

Start with HTML, and as you progress you will start learning programming languages quickly.

Having the right knowledge and tools is what you need to make your own games and improve your chances of getting a game tester job.

So do you agree with my list of popular programming languages? Is there any programming language that I miss out? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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